Need To Talk?
Sarah Rea, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Board Approved Supervisor
Ph: (734) 255-0585  Email: blueskies.now.70@gmail.com

Approach to Counseling: What you say matters. I want to know your experience, who you are. We can communicate through words, play, music, writing, or other creative means that will help me understand. In understanding, I can empathize, offer perspective, and help create ways to navigate whatever life presents in the moment.

It is fascinating and challenging to understand the capacity of our psychology, physiology, and spirit. I believe we enhance our lives by tapping innate abilities and collaboratively designing strategies to promote health. My professional commitment to you is to affirm and assist you in living your best life.

I am available in my office, by computer, by phone, and other settings as appropriate  for sessions. I’m ethically bound, and personally committed, to respecting and protecting your privacy.